Activity Report – C7 Summit 2023 in Japan




The Civil7 (C7) Summit was held on 13 – 14 April 2023 at the Tokyo Prince Hotel and online.
Our sincere appreciation to those who participated in the C7 Summit.

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On the first day of the C7 Summit (13th April), lively discussions took place in the opening session and seven breakout sessions. Speaking on behalf of the government of Japan, State Minister for Foreign Affairs Kenji Yamada took the stage at the plenary session to receive the C7 policy recommendations (Communiqué) from the delegation of the C7 Steering Committee. Mr. Yamada welcomed the Communiqué, saying, “The C7 recommendations will provide the G7 with diverse and broad perspectives.”

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In the following session of dialogue with G7 government representatives, Deputy Director-General of the Economic Affairs Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kazuhiko Nakamura, who serves as Sous-Sherpa of the G7 Hiroshima Summit, took the podium to discuss priority issues for the G7 Presidency and in each sector with representatives of six C7 Working Groups. Mr. Nakamura stated, “In collaboration with other G7 countries, partner countries and organizations, we will address global challenges such as climate change, global economy, humanitarian crisis, and food security with concrete solutions and actions.” Moreover, a session on strengthening collaboration among G7 official Engagement Groups was also held, embracing the representatives from L7, T7, W7, and Y7.

On the second day of the C7 Summit (14th April), the breakout sessions were held with wide-ranging discussions on sectoral and cross-sectoral issues such as global food system reform. Atsushi Mimura, Director-General of the International Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, was at the stage as a representative of the Finance Track and engaged in heated discussions with civil society representatives on issues such as debt in developing countries, development finance, and international taxation.

In closing, Valeria Emmi of the C7 Steering Committee (GCAP Italy/CESVI), representing the next C7 chair Italian civil society, called for continued collaboration for a sustainable world where no one is left behind.


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Presentation materials and photos from the C7 Summit can be downloaded from the QR code at the bottom of the program or the URL below. Please note that the recording of the summit will not be made public this time.

We are also conducting a survey for those who have been involved in the C7 process to look back and evaluate the whole process. The deadline is the end of this week, and it would be much appreciated if we could hear your voice (the form is already closed, thank you for the responses!).

*Play for Change (an independent evaluation firm by and for People of Color) is leading a broader monitoring and evaluation effort around the C7 this year with support from the Accountability Lab.

Our sincerest gratitude again for your participation in the C7 Summit 2023.

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