ADN publishes Accelerating Asian Democracy (ADA) Outcome Document, asks for Expressions of Support




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Aoi Horiuchi

In November 2023, Asia Democracy Network (ADN), one of JANIC’s partners,  held the Asia Democracy Assembly (ADA) in Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate ADN’s 10th Founding Anniversary, take stock on Asia’s struggle for genuine democracy, and find ways to collaboratively address challenges amid a context of a global democratic backsliding. In the past year, ADN has also been conducting pro-democracy consolidation sessions in various Asian countries in an effort to identify democratic trends and learn from unique practices and approaches to promoting and defending democracy at the national level. ADN hopes to share the wealth of insights gathered through our short publication, “Accelerating Asian Democracy: Perspectives from Advocates and Practitioners on Navigating Pro-democracy Defense and Promotion”.

The publication identifies various areas of democracy promotion that should be prioritized, as well as specific initiatives and actions that can assist finding responsive solutions and approaches to address democracy-related challenges. The discussions presented in the document, admittedly, are limited, but are important steps that can help us navigate and untangle the complex situation of Asian democratization at present.

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Table of contents:

About the Accelerating Asian Democracy ….. 1
Reinvigorating Asia’s Democracy Movement and Strengthening Consolidation Amid New Realities ….. 2
Areas of Work and Priority Agenda ….. 4
Engagement Model and Commitments ….. 8
1 Enhancing National Consolidation and Democratic Cohesion ….. 8
2 Regional Solidarity for Press and Internet Freedom ….. 8
3 Anti-Corruption Initiatives and Transparency ….. 9
4 Engaging Businesses and the Private Sector ….. 9
5 Defense of Free and Fair Elections ….. 10
6 Inclusive Democracy and Movements ….. 10
7 Engagement with Authorities and Political Governance….. 11
8 Solidarity Beyond Borders….. 11
9 Sustainable Funding for Pro-Democracy Endeavors ….. 11
Pledges of Support ….. 12


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