THINK Lobby Journal – Call for Papers

THINK Lobby ジャーナル

Would you like to present your research findings to the world?

THINK Lobby is currently accepting submissions for the second issue of its journal, “THINK Lobby Journal,” scheduled for release in February 2024. We are looking for manuscripts (papers, research notes, surveys, reviews) for this upcoming issue.


THINK Lobby aims to empower citizens to gather accurate information and data, verify and analyze them, incorporate the voices of diverse stakeholders, and propose solutions to government and society regarding the ways policies should be shaped to address societal issues.

The institution’s journal, “THINK Lobby Journal,” was launched last year with the goal of enhancing research capabilities across a wide range of generations, including young individuals with a “global citizen consciousness.” Its purpose is to contribute to the realization of a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.


The theme for the next issue is “International Cooperation Amid Complex Crises.”

The theme for the next issue is “International Cooperation in Times of Complex Crises.” Global challenges, such as climate change causing extreme weather events and the COVID-19 pandemic, are becoming increasingly severe. Developing countries are facing economic slowdowns, economic disparities at home and abroad, and debt problems due to the impacts of diseases and other factors. On the security front, there have been unilateral attempts to alter the status quo through the use of force in places like Ukraine. Additionally, authoritarian regimes are on the rise worldwide, imposing restrictions on citizens’ freedom of activity and endangering international orders and multilateralism that safeguard basic human rights and freedoms. Given this context, the next issue will address topics such as how international cooperation should function in these complex crisis situations, the challenges of the “ODA Guidelines” revised by the Japanese government in June of this year, and how to perceive the relationship between international cooperation and security.

The deadline is October 31, 2023.

The deadline for submissions to the second issue is October 31, 2023. Please start by reading the “Submission Guidelines.” Submitted manuscripts will be thoroughly reviewed by the editorial committee, taking into consideration the composition of this issue’s special features. The editor-in-chief will later contact you regarding acceptance or rejection. If you wish to consult in advance about your writing content, please summarize a provisional title and abstract of your submission, along with your name, affiliation and email address, and contact the secretariat via email.

We hope you will make good use of this journal as a platform for exchanging research results.


THINK Lobby Journal Editorial Office

Email: (Contact: Ms. Haga, Ms. Sugimoto)

*While the above submission guidelines were created with a focus on the theme of the second issue, we welcome submissions all year round as long as they address the fields of “economics,” “society,” “environment,” “human rights,” and “politics” with a global perspective, all in the pursuit of achieving a peaceful, just, and sustainable world.